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“Every session with Vanessa is highly valuable. I have been a student of hers for years, and every session is life-changing. Each step gives an amazing training to be my own healer. I have completed every session and have attended every livestream not wanting to miss anything. With her teachings, I have healed severe mental health afflications, grown my life purpose, built healthy relationships, and have manifested everything I need. All areas of my life have transformed!”

Jeffrey, Self-healer

“After 15 years of working with counselors without improvement in my condition, I have truly begun to heal myself in my process with Vanessa. For many years I was taking on the energy of others and it was making me have anxiety, digestive & reproductive issues. Now that I have healthy energy boundaries my relationships have improved, my health issues disappeared, and my anxiety has greatly lessened. Everything I have tried with Vanessa has worked for me.”

Karen, Self-healer

“Vanessa helped me open my heart so I could learn how to really love myself, and love others.

I am an empath. When I walk into a room filled with all types of energies, it used to be overwhelming for me. Learning how to be open hearted and have healthy energy boundaries has changed my life. I found my true love “soul mate,” started my dream business, and now am open hearted with everyone with healthy boundaries.”

Deanna, Self-healer

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