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The higher self is talked about in meditation, yoga, self-help, spirituality, and religions – but who are they? As a higher self intuitive, I want to give an inside look at everything you need to know about yours, and how you can activate your connection.

Who is your higher self?

Imagine the highest version of yourself – beautiful, loving, happy, healthy, expressive, and strong. Abundant with all your life purposes flowing. That is your higher self. The real you!

Your higher self is the energy representation of your soul. They are the embodiment of your unique soul identity, gifts, and purposes. The invisible you. They live in your heart and act as your inner guru, guide and healer. You can feel them when you hear your wise voice in your heart whispering to you how to love, live, and walk your life’s path.

In Spirituality and Religions, the higher self is referred to in many ways – as your “Spirit”, “Soul”, or “Atman” taking on many names. One definition of yoga is to “unite with your higher self.” Cultures & communities around the world recognize your soulful energy in many ways.

Your unique vision of your soul is your sacred space. Journeying to develop your perspective is a life-changing experience that can only bring you more empowerment, evolution, and joy.

What does your higher self look like?

Imagine the highest version of you. The image of your dream self. Every higher self is unique and looks exactly like the highest version of the person they represent. Whether it is an artist, a rockstar, a scientist, philosopher or farmer – they will look exactly like the person’s best self!

Your unique soul gifts are represented in their soulful appearance. In your subconscious mind, this image of them reaches through to you inspiring you to evolve. As a result, you will feel compelled to take action to embody this image of your soul.

Every higher self is strong, healthy, fit, beautiful, and radiant. Your soul beauty shines through in every way. Beyond society’s image of beauty, with something much purer – your soul sparkle. There is a reason humanity strives to thrive. It is your true soul state.

Exercise: To see your higher self, imagine them and ask: “What do I look like? What kind of clothes am I am wearing? What is my purpose? What am I holding in my hands? Where am I?” See your soul standing before you. What you see will teach you who you are and are meant to be. Remember to love yourself as you are in this moment, and also be inspired to evolve into a deeper soulful state of being. The sky is the limit for you, anything that is your soul you can become.

In what ways does your higher self energy help you?

You may be surprised by how big a role your soul plays in your life.

As your inner guide, guru, healer, and source of energy – your higher self is busy within you every day. They fill you with all the things that make you, you! From your identity to your health, to your relationships and beyond. They are your energy that makes up your life.

Another way to think about how your higher self energy helps you is to imagine your inner energy source as a bank. Your soul fills you up with $1,000,000 every day to build a thriving life. When your inner source is flowing – you have everything you need and more. If you reject your inner source – you drain yourself creating a loss of health, destructions, and lesson cycles.

Your inner source is what you are looking for. If you make a commitment to nourish your heart – your inner source will flow giving you what you need. You are designed to naturally be supported by your energy in every way. What an amazing gift you have inside you!

How does your higher self connect with you?

In the center of your heart chakra, is the point of your higher self connection. There your soul source of energy comes into your heart flowing into your body, mind, relationships, and life. Your natural state is to live with an open heart with your soul flowing through you. This is the state you cherish the most because there is a sense of truth in it. Your soul is present. There – you are without time, measure, judgment, or comparison. You are simply being joyful in your soul’s natural way.

Living in this heart connected state though is not as easy as we all would like it to be. In childhood – negative programming, trauma, abuse, and false self identity associations closed your heart disconnecting you. The average adult is only 25% open-hearted to the higher self. This has caused most people to live at only 1/4 of their potential in their life, relationships, and the world.

We each have so much more within us, to build a beautiful life. Imagine if you stayed in your connection all the time and all the amazing things that would come into your existence! What if everyone did this? What would the world be like? HeartMath created this helpful video that shares their insight into this.

What practices build higher self connection?

There are infinite benefits to increasing your higher self connection. The more you align with your soul, the more fulfillment you will find in life.

To begin, here are some simple life practices that will help you deepen your connection and help you experience the superpowers of your soul!

Opening Your Heart:

Your natural connection activates every time you open your heart. When you live in your heart, you give your higher self space to live in you. Making way for your inner source to flow through you. Whatever effort you take in connecting to your higher self – your heart needs to be in it.

The key to building an open-hearted lifestyle is being open to learn, grow and evolve in every part of your life. Take another look at things you once rejected. Work on transforming your limiting beliefs and behaviors. Release your false negative perceptions. Heal your traumas and post-traumatic stress. Take better care of your health. Learn how to love. Develop your life purposes. Allow yourself to become better. Each open-hearted step you take will deepen your higher self connection.

Your heart is unique. You won’t know what your heart will bring you until you commit to nourishing it. Like a garden, with consistent care, it will bloom. Your heart will bring you happiness beyond what you could imagine. So dive in, your soul is waiting!

Living Your Life Purposes:

The easiest way to connect with your higher self is to live your life purposes. Your service to humanity is at the center of their focus. The more you are in your purpose, the more your soul will work through you. In life, you have micro and macro purposes. From learning how to love to taking care of yourself, to helping humanity – you have a purpose. Your higher self is there to help you with it all.

You are the only you. The world needs your unique gifts and presence. To discover your life purposes begin with asking yourself: “How can I best help the people in my life and the world?” Build a mission to live this purpose. When you see obstacles, see them as opportunities to learn. If you think you can’t do it – focus on any way you can. When you do this, you will embark on a journey of realizing your life purpose. Allowing you to make the difference that only you can make.

Practicing Higher Self Heart Meditation:

In 2009, I developed the Higher Self Heart Meditation that helps you to open your heart, connect with your higher self, and stay connected. This meditation completed in the morning will set your heart connections for the day. With regular practice, it will rehabilitate your heart muscle memory to naturally stay in an open-hearted state. The more you exercise your heart with this practice, the stronger your heart connection will become.

This meditation activates your 4-heart connection points. Opening your heart to every connection it is designed to have. In experiencing this, you will soar in discovering a truly new way for your heart to be. Every part of your life is touched by your heart’s intelligence, and so every part of your life will transform from your change of heart.

Over the past 10 years of teaching this meditation, I found every student who completed the process had instantaneous results and came back to me in the days after sharing that all areas of their life had quickly improved. I am amazed by the impact of connection! We each have the infinite capacity to heal our hearts and transform our lives. I invite you to learn this meditation, and experience the power of your heart!

Create Self-Healing:

All true healing comes from the self. Your heart’s inner source of energy can heal you to the depths of your soul. No healer or counselor can do this for you. You can be supported by others, but true energy healing can only come from you. If you don’t want to change no one can help you. If you want to change, no one can stop you. You have the ability to create true healing within.

Whatever you have been through – you can heal, learn, and evolve from it. Your deepest traumas are the spaces where you can learn the most, and transform into your most empowered self. Once you overcome your greatest challenges you will realize that you can heal anything.

Your deepest lessons disconnect you from your higher self. Self-healing will call them forward within. With every space you heal in your heart, you make way for new soul energy to awaken within you. Self-healing on the deepest level is the path of higher self-realization.

Who is your higher self to you?

Your unique perspective of your soul is your sacred space. Please share below about your experience, join the conversation, and help spread the movement. The world needs you to be your higher self now more than ever. Follow your heart to live the life you were born to live!

Your Higher Self Knows What Your Heart Needs To Heal.

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About the Author

About the Author

Vanessa Clayton

Vanessa is a higher self intuitive self-healing guide. She is known for creating the Higher Self Heart Meditation, and her unique heart reconditioning process. With over 70,000+ Facebook followers and community from around the world – she is on a mission to spread heart centered self-healing methods and help the world to be their best self.

Hi, I am Vanessa.

Hi, I am Vanessa.

I am here to help you to heal your life with the power of your.



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