Special Coronavirus Announcement

To give you deeper self-healing education support, Vanessa is transitioning OM LIVING to vanessaclayton.com.

Dear OM LIVING community,

I hope you are doing well at this time of the Coronavirus. We are all being called to thrive to sustain the vibrance of our health, our happiness, our relationships – and truly in every aspect of our lives.

To give you greater support in self-healing education, I am transitioning OM LIVING into vanessaclayton.com. There I can be more present one-on-one with you, and we can build a deeper connection.

On my new website, I am offering a new self-healing education blog, and a new Heart Evolver Membership to give you training in heart self-healing, breath healing, meditations, and a spectrum of tools to help you to thrive.

After the past 11 years of offering you OM LIVING and many other self-healing educational experiences, I am excited for us to have this new space where we can be one-on-one together.  I am on a mission to help you through your stress, trauma, and any changes happening. I want to help you to tap into your inner source, to thrive in your life, to be heart-to-heart in your relationships, and to feel your deep connection with the world.

As I open these new supports please reach out and let me know what you think, share how you are doing, and let me know if there is anything more I can do to help.

I am sending you love heart-to-heart. I hope in this time that you are well, and that you join me to thrive.

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